Kansas Livestock Association reassures Kansans after USDA finds mad cow

April 25
  • The Kansas Livestock Association says beef is safe, and there is no need for concern over the USDA’s findings of mad cow disease in California. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the disease was found in a dead dairy cow Tuesday, and is the first case of mad cow since 2006. Cattlenetwork.com reports that the KLA emphasized the system worked in preventing the cow from entering the food chain.
  • The Kansas House tax bill, which is now in conference committee, contains a proposal to establish 24 more counties as Rural Opportunity Zones. College graduates who move to a ROZ county can receive help with their student loan payments. There are currently 50 ROZ counties in Kansas, which were chosen based on their decrease in population. To learn more about the program, click here.
  • The Kansas Legislature reconvened today after a three-week spring recess. Legislators will be discussing state budget and redistricting. The Lawrence Journal World reports that house and senate members will also resume talks on reducing the income tax for individuals and eliminating it for businesses.
  • CNN reports that Newt Gingrich will end his bid for the presidential nomination with a final campaign Tuesday in Washington DC, where he will make his announcement to support Mitt Romney. CNN reports that Gingrich plans to focus on helping the GOP take control of Congress.
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