US Supreme Court hears arguments on health care law

March 27

  • The Supreme Court began hearing arguments about the health care law Monday. The Detroit News reports that the law would require almost all Americans to have health insurance. Now, more than 30 million Americans have none. Those against the bill say the Constitution does not give Congress the authority to force people into buying insurance. The hearing will last three days and a decision is expected in June.
  • A proposal to overhaul the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System passed the Kansas House last Tuesday. The Kansas City Star reports that Gov. Sam Brownback endorses the measure, which would use revenues from state-owned casinos to fund the pensions of teachers and government workers. The profits from casinos in Dodge City, Wichita and Kansas City would help cover the $8.3 billion unfunded obligation to more than 260,000 Kansans through 2033.
  • The Topeka Capital Journal reports that the local NAACP coalition rallied Wednesday at the Statehouse against the proposal to enact the voter identification law at an earlier date than originally planned. The measure was pushed by Secretary of State Kris Kobach and passed by the House last year. The law requires a photo ID and proof of citizenship to register to vote. Those against the proposal said this makes voting confusing and will disenfranchise voters.
  • The Kansas government ranks in the top 10 in a study of transparency, accountability and anti-corruption. The Dodge City Globe reported that Kansas received a grade of “C” in the State Integrity Investigation conduced by the Center for Public Integrity.  New Jersey had the highest grade, a “B-“, and eight states received failing grades.
  • The Wichita Business Journal reported Tuesday that Kansas was one of 20 states to add government jobs between January 2008 and January 2012. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Kansas created more than 600 federal, state and local government jobs in this four-year period.
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