Proposed bill would cause KU med program to lose accreditation

March 7

  • The Lawrence Journal World reports that abortion opponents are supporting a bill that would make the University of Kansas Medical Center Obsterics/Gynecology program lose accreditation. One provision of the bill states that no health care services provided by a state agency should include abortion. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education requires residency education to include access to experience with induced abortion.
  • Kansas Democratic leaders created a plan for job growth that would provide tax incentives for job training and fully fund job initiatives in the state that were put on hold during the recession. The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that the plan also prohibits employers from discriminating against unemployed applicants, and requires contractors to hire 70 percent of their work force from in state.
  • The Associated Press reports that Kansas House members approved a bill that would reinstate happy hour at bars, restaurants and clubs. The ban on happy hour was established in 1985 with the intent to decrease alcohol abuse.
  •  Kansas House bill 2260, dubbed “The Preservation of Religious Freedom Act” was passed by the legislative committee and will be debated by the House. The measure says that the government cannot burden someone by compelling him or her to act contrary to his or her religious beliefs. To see how the Kansas Equality Coalition and others feel about this bill, click here.
  • A bill that would give the Kansas Corporation Commission the authority to oversee hydraulic fracturing of natural gas in Kansas had a hearing Tuesday before the Senate. The Lawrence Journal World reports that environmentalist groups opposed to “fracking” support the bill, because passing a law is the only way to regulate it.
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