Kansas House passes bill requiring proof of citizenship to vote

Feb. 23

  • The Kansas House passed a bill Thursday that would require Kansans to provide proof of citizenship in order to vote. The bill was spearheaded by Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who said it is difficult to remove “alien voters” once they are on the rolls. Residents born in Kansas can apply for a free copy of their birth certificate to comply with the law.
  • Two Lawrence police officers allegedly dismissed speeding tickets in exchange for University of Kansas basketball tickets. The federal authorities that investigated declined to pursue criminal charges. The individual who provided the basketball tickets is now in federal prison for the broader KU ticket scandal.
  • The Kansas House passed a bill to honor soldiers from Frankfort, Kan. It will name part of Kansas Highway 99 “The Frankfort Boys World War II Memorial Highway.” Frankfort had more men killed in WWII than any other town its size.
  • Kansas House members approved a bill that will strengthen the penalty for failure to report cases of child abuse. The bill will also expand the list of individuals required to report allegations of child abuse, and remove the defense that a person believed someone else was going to file the report. This bill was created in response to the allegations of child sex abuse at Penn State University.
  • U.S. Senator Bob Menendez asked the Justice Department to investigate the New York Police Department’s surveillance of Muslim communities in New Jersey and at Rutgers University. Thirty-four members of Congress have asked the department for a similar investigation.
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