Proposed Kansas abortion bill allows doctors to withhold information

Feb. 8

  • The Kansas House committee reviewed a bill Wednesday that would exempt doctors from malpractice suits if they withheld medical information about potential birth defects to prevent women from having abortions. Women would also be unable to sue if they suffered health problems during pregnancy because of the withheld information. Rep. Lance Kinzer (R-Olathe) is advocating this legislation.
  •  The Kansas House committee endorsed a proposal by Secretary of State Kris Kobach to require some Kansas voters to prove U.S. citizenship before this year’s presidential election. This endorsement allows a debate in the House. The state approved and enacted the proof-of-citizenship requirement last year, but it wasn’t scheduled to take effect until 2013.
  • According to a survey conducted by the Partnership for Public Service, just six percent of college students say they want to work for government, at any level. This number has decreased from 2009, when 10.2 percent of students had government career aspirations. Most of the 35,000 students polled are interested in graduate school, non-profit work or employment in the private sector.
  •  Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty endorsed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney during his speech Tuesday night at the Dole Institute of Politics on the University of Kansas campus. Pawlenty said Romney’s business experience would help during the country’s tough economic climate, and that he would be able to unite the Republican party.
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