Lawrence commissioners rename street to Fambrough Drive

Jan. 22 – Jan. 28
  • Lawrence city commissioners voted to rename a section of 11th street to Fambrough Drive, in honor of the former University of Kansas football coach, at their Tuesday meeting. The new name will be unveiled during a ceremony at the game in April.
  • Wichita Rep. Mario Goico introduced a bill to prohibit picketing soldier’s funerals on Tuesday. Goico admitted to targeting Westboro Baptist Church members with this legislation. Violators could face fines up to $500, if the bill is passed.
  • Kansans for Life hosted an anti-abortion rally at the statehouse on Jan. 21. The crowd celebrated the state’s new laws restricting abortion made last year. Gov. Sam Brownback addressed the crowd of about 3,000 and noted the number of people under 20-years-old who were present.
  • President Barack Obama said he wants to stop interest rates on student loans from doubling in his State of the Union speech on Tuesday. He also proposed to keep universities accountable by cutting their funding if they cannot keep the cost of tuition down.
  • GOP candidate Ron Paul received the majority of youth votes in the Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries. He attributes this to the idealism he promotes in his platform. Paul is campaigning to college students through, on which University of Kansas students lead with the most recruits (1,580).
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